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While you choose an insurance to cover, you must definitely get to know the cost and on which it depends. So, how do you assess it?

Cost and factors:

  • Profession

The amount of cover that you opt for highly depends on your profession. The policy limit that we supply you of course reflects on what profession you are in.

If you are in a business, working for a multi-million company, you will definitely be needing a higher cover than that of a small local businessman.

The whole collectively tells that- Professional indemnity insurance cover that you require is directly proportional to the professional indemnity insurance cost.

  • Policy exclusions and policy excesses

They play one of the major roles in the costing of the insurance. If you want to be insured against more risks and you want to pay less of ytour own resources in the event of a claim, the costlier your insurance gets.

  • Total legal spend of a company

The cost also is largely based on the total legal spend of a company. The company is checked on how likely it can be taken to court.

  • Insurer that you choose

The final cost of the cover depends on the insurer that you choose to go with along with the policy that you choose.

So, if you were to ask about how much your insurance is going to cost, it basically depends on factors like above described.

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Comparing PI Insurance:

To ensure that you get the adequate cover at the right price, all the professionals should take some steps to compare different options. This includes:

  • Professional services provided in the past

It’s really important to know how the insurer you have chosen have provided services to any previous employer covered under a previous policy before. If any of the claims is made outside of their retroactive date, many policies then don’t recognize claims.

  • Entitles covering the policy

The parties are listed under specified policies on which they will be covered. Although, that’s quite critical to understand that of whom the professional services provision is covered for.

  • Cover features(default)

Refer to the default cover features to get an overview of typical cover options. The Cover features listed in the product disclosure statement gives you the exact idea of what liability they will be covered for.

  • Limit of Liability

You will be clearly stated by the insurer about the maximum compensation that they are ready to pay for each claim within the product disclaimer statement.

  • Policy extensions

Policies like run off or fidelity insurance is added over here.

  • Period of cooling off

You are generally given 21days option to cancel your cover if you feel that it does not meet your needs.

  • Conditions to claim

Some aspects like: alteration to risk, authorisation, cancellation, policy changes, jurisdictional limits, assignments etc., are included in insurers claim conditions.

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