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What more to know about Personal Indemnity Insurance?

Besides everything, here are some more proclaimed details about PI Insurance:

What do you need PI Insurance for?

When you grow a business or become a professional, you must be committed to satisfy your clients and keep them happy with your services to grow your reputation. However, this is sometimes a blunder when you commit a simple-silly mistake and your clients suffer a huge loss because of your advice or services. They are bound to claim against you then for which your reputation is doomed along with your loss of assets.

PI insurance is for them. It covers the loss of the clients on your behalf along with the legal costs and damages caused to them. This makes the clients happy that they get their bounty and keeps trust in you again.

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What are the conditions of claiming PI Insurance?

  • Conduct of Claims:
  • On behalf of the insured, the right to deny cover to the policyholder in terms of claims and conduction of defence is reserved by the insurer.
  • Insurer holds the right to take over and conduct in the insured’s name.
  • The settlement for the claim is made by the senior council and neither the insured nor the insurer has a say in that.
  • Insurer and Insured co-operation for claims:

While settling a claim, the insured has to provide the insurer all possible documents and evidence to the insurer regarding the claim. The insured also has to pay off the loss and do everything that he can and assist with any ongoing procedures of the claim at their own cost.

  • Payment in advance for claims:

The insured must pay in advance to the insurer for any kind of claims which may be incurred for civil liability. Following the terms and conditions regarding the policy, the insured has to pay back to the insurer for such claim expenses.

  • Allocation for claims:

Both the insurer and the insured should work together considering specific allocations to cover all kinds of loss.

Covering the summary

  • This policy covers the liability falling on the professionals due to their omissions and errors in their field.
  • Group policies are also available and you can enjoy discounts which will depend on the number of members covering a particular profession.
  • You are given the facility of retroactive policy which however requires renewal every year.
  • It’s not only the insurer’s but rules are to be followed by the insured too to cover all sorts of loss made, ignoring which claims will not be covered.
  • Any claims causing violation of law will not be covered.
  • Be sure about what cover you require since most policies won’t cover losses which is under another policy.

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